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What Exactly Is Unlimited Hosting?

Unless you are a web developer, the process of developing a website can be confusing enough as it is to the average business owner. If you're having a hard time understanding the options available with domain registration and website hosting services... you're not alone.

The language used by hosting companies is generally technical and caters to somebody who understands the difference between shared hosting vs. unique IP addresses... not the average business owner. (Still here? Great!)

Here's the first thing you need to know about... unlimited hosting is good if you expect your business to grow. (If you don't expect it to grow, then what are you doing it for?!)

Unlimited Hosting Plans Allow Your Business to Grow

The amount of space allocated to your website is based partly on the size of your website. If you have a lot of files, you will want more space. Simple enough. It's also based on the traffic, or number of website visitors, you anticipate.

To be perfectly honest, unlimited hosting might seem like overkill if you are just getting started. You're planning on a small static website with about 5 pages and a few images. The important thing is your contact information. For now. You'll be happy to get 10 visitors a month.

Over time, however, you'll find that the internet brings new business. An effective (quality) website will help your business grow. Before long, you'll want to add a blog. You'll want to add a subscription form encouraging visitors to sign up for your mailing list. You'll add more email accounts and will want to add social sharing plugins to your site.

As your needs grow, you will need to upgrade to a bigger hosting package. That could get to be very costly.

Unlimited Hosting Does Not Mean Infinite Resources

Read the fine print with any unlimited hosting service provider to get a clear idea of what "unlimited hosting" actually means. You do not want your website or email accounts to experience any downtime, and you want to be sure that your hosting provider is reliable.

In fact, most unlimited hosting plans will start you off with an amount of space that is right for your needs now and will increase the space allocated to each account as their needs grow. You should always have more space then you will need, without having to upgrade to a more costly account.